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I’m always preparing for the worst.


Yeah? Get with me.



The Kurt Vonnegut Library is based here in Indianapolis. #pla2014

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Here we go.

Here we go.


frying balls


things i learned while on psychedelic drugs…

-give up the construct of time. live without clocks in your home and you will live longer. quit aging yourself. celebrate your life instead of your birthday. let time just go on, quit paying attention to it.

-corn is the devil. straight up. corn is…

All good advice.  Taking note of this for my upcoming trip.

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The Tragic Misery Tour is starting.

First tentative travel plans are below:
May 2 - Lexington
May 3 - booked plans outside of Lexington
May 4 - Louisville? Anyone have any Louisville connections? I’ll need a place to stay and I could shoot anyone who is up for it.
May 5 - Nashville — Ruth Herrin… you still down there and ready for company?
May 6-9 - Atlanta
May 10-13 - Tampa
May 14-15 - Orlando

After this it gets fuzzy…

May 16 - Savannah -ish… any connections or places to sleep here are welcome.
May 17-18 Carolinas… somewhere… .
After — Headed to Philly, Baltimore, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois. If crowdfunding goes well… I’ll be headed west. Crowdfunding launching ASAP (just been trying to get it straight).

More to come!


Really lovely.

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This is a tribute to the best thing I had ever seen.  

Inspired by the work of Okimi.

  • Question: TMEPOL - when I first saw your work a few years back, I was absolutely stunned and impressed. Your command of light and obvious skill and grace with the models you work with have always impressed me and I only WISH I had a tenth of those abilities. You, sir, remain an inspiration to me. Sincerely, M. - momentspause
  • Answer:

    I appreciate the kind words. I’ve always been uptight about the work I make, but this sort of thing doesn’t bother me a lot - it’s typical. Sadly, I probably know the person who is sending it although there’s no way to figure that out.

    Oh well. They ran out of steam, apparently, and don’t have anything left to say.